Hatton Pavilion

With Toby Paterson for The Hatton Gallery & Newcastle University on Gateshead Quayside

We acted as consultants at the design stage of this project as well as managing the physical build and installation of this project on 3 sites around Newcastle. The Hatton Gallery presents an offsite commission for a touring pavilion, a major new art installation and a programme of events.

Glasgow-based artist Toby Paterson has designed a temporary architectural structure that takes inspiration from the Hatton's history, collection and archive, touring Newcastle and Gateshead from April - August 2017.

Paterson’s design for the Hatton Pavilion consists of a vertical steel frame emerging from several concrete blocks that double up as seating areas. A slatted roof encloses the structure, and three abstract aluminium planes create walls that carve up and give the pavilion its volume.

Paterson uses the principles of display that Pasmore and Hamilton explored in seminal works presented in the Hatton Gallery, such as An Exhibit (1957) and Man Machine and Motion (1955).

The walls of the pavilion display a series of archival posters promoting historic Hatton Gallery exhibitions dating back to the 1950s, alongside a series of posters designed by Toby Paterson.

A programme of special events allowed visitors to explore the architecture of the space in different ways and discover more about the Hatton Gallery. Read more about the pavilion here.