We offer a very wide range of services - all in the pursuit of making beautiful, engaging and functional objects for the public realm.


Our team of designers are seasoned in rapidly taking your project through all stages of the design process, from concept to ready-to-build plans, using state of the art industry-standard software.

We have a collaborative and highly-personable style of working: We’re keen to identify the spirit of a project with you, and to protect the crucial elements while navigating the path through to production.

Where necessary, we will engage with outside professionals such as structural engineers, technical consultants or third-party specialists, to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients, with a level of participation of their choosing.

In addition to;

- Concept Design
- Spatial Planning & Coordination,
- Detailed Design & Visualisation
- Fabrication Design

Our production facility means we can provide prototyping and sampling in-house.

Design Consultancy & Feasibility Studies

We are in our element brainstorming a new project and teasing out the best solution within any set of criteria. Talk to us if you need help figuring out what, where, how, and how much! 

We join projects at various points in the RIBA design phases, but in particular Stage 3 Spatial Coordination and Stage 4 Technical Design.

Thanks to our extensive experience as fabricators, we can offer particular value at RIBA stage 4. By appraising your design drawings we can advise on any aspects “open to interpretation” by a fabricator or builder.

Because we have an in-depth understanding of most manufacturing processes, we can advise correct terminology, parlance and shorthand on your planning or tender documents.

Also, our advice on industry-preferred materials, sizes and processes is based on our own experience of sourcing and processing, thereby reducing friction between project team members, and smoothing the transition from design to production. 

This ensures an end-product that is as close as can be to the submitted design intent.

In other words, we can be your sounding board for what is either achievable, reasonable or practical - on a technical or budgetary level.

We can support this work with technical drawings, sampling, budgets and more.

Budget / Cost-analysis

We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly sense-check budgets and apply accurate estimates at concept stage. 

Sometimes the input of a third party is essential to unlock the next stage of a design and get to an accurate cost, such as engineer’s approval.

We provide cost-effective design studies which enable in-principle approvals, without unnecessary or wasted design work.

This gives serious weight to a quote, and provides confidence in the viability of a proposed scheme.

We can also offer quote for prototyping services.

CNC Cutting

Our CNC machining facilities allow us to efficiently process custom projects or repeat parts in a wide range of sheet materials including ply, composites and plastics.

CNC Milling / Carving

We provide 3D milling services in timber, foam and other lightweight materials for finished parts and for former, pattern and direct or negative mould-making.

Structural Metalwork - Sheetmetal, Structural Sections & Welding

We provide engineered frames and components for everything from furniture to buildings.

With a reliable network of suppliers and finishers, we can work in a variety of section sizes and provide components finished to any industry standard, including powder coating and marine grade finishes, as well as high-end decorative finishes.

Metal Laser Cutting

In addition to in-house plastic laser cutting we also provide laser-cut steel or aluminum parts in a wide range of thicknesses.

We offer a wealth of advice on designing and preparing laser cut components for other processes such as folding and bending.

CO2 Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting equipment allows us to produce and provide a variety of decorative and functional parts in a very wide range of materials, including Perspex (acrylic), other signmaking plastics, plywood, card, etc.

We also have a deep archive of decorative engraving techniques in timber, composites and stone.

This allows for a very unique take on sign making and display elements.


We combine all of our skills in joinery and cabinetry, bringing together two decades of experience in furniture production and commercial fitouts.

Timber Machining

Many of our projects require a considerable volume of machined timber. Runs in excess of 5,000m are nothing new to us!

Similarly we also provide smaller runs of specialist moldings and timber components.

On Site Installation

We install most of our site projects and can provide a full turnkey design and build service, providing all construction prelims and services.

Lighting, Automation, Electronics and Machine Software Development

We can integrate a range of programmable and automated features to our productions from full DMX lighting systems to arduino or raspberry pi controlled display or IOT projects.