Double Eleven Desks

For Double Eleven in Middlesbrough

Double Eleven are a games development company based out of Boho One in Middlesbrough. They are well known for producing the award-winning PS Vista version of Little Big Planet.

They were looking for something out of the ordinary for their new offices which featured an extensive use of glass for a really open feel.

To continue this we devised a desk design featuring tempered glass sides/legs, with an oak top lined in their company orange which doubles as storage.

The reception desk features huge German white wood beams into which we CNC engraved the Double Eleven logo.

The beams we purchased air dried and painted immediately with the deliberate intention of them moving, warping and splitting to reveal the pale white timber in the core, in contrast to the grey paintwork.

Again, extensive use of glass for the desktop, this time low-iron glass with Double 11 orange lining.

The base of the conference table uses the same glass and the oak top incorporates a neat cable management system.