Splitscreen Camper

The challenge here was to build a "home away from home" for this very discerning vehicle and design enthusiast.

He wanted furniture in his T1 Splitscreen Camper that was as substantial and luxurious as the furniture in his living room.

We used floating tongue & groove panels in solid timber frames to combat the obvious potential problem of expansion on contraction in the timber - which is housed in just about the worst and most frequent cold-to-hot environment.

In the absolute antithesis of the standard chipboard and melamime interiors of camper vans we wanted to really show off the fact that we were using solid wood, so we used really big and chunky cross section frames (45mm) and machined a huge radius into the edges, which also emphasise the curvy nature of the bus which has made it such a perennial favourite.

The two benches fold out into a double bed and the pair of drawers at the rear are on lush smooth push-open runners. This is glamping in the extreme!