Raskl is a multidisciplinary design and fabrication practice engaged in a wide range of projects from furniture and product development to architectural design and installations.

We consider what we offer as ‘3D solutions': Using our well equipped workshop and wealth of experience and knowledge of a very wide range of materials, we work around the requirements and criteria of any brief to find the perfect solution which looks amazing, is reliable and can be provided within budget.

We are not put off by a left field concept or being thrown a curveball - we enjoy a challenge and are not afraid to experiment if required. We approach every project with an open mind and remarkable enthusiasm. At the same time we always look for the simplest solution, which is often the best, while constantly considering costs and feasibility.

We don’t do off-the-shelf, bog-standard or cheap and cheerful, we believe that good value is good design that lasts. What we create is truly bespoke, existing specifically for the customer and inspired by them and their surroundings.

We’re proud of our ability to provide every stage of the process in-house, as this allows us to be in complete control of the creative process, to remain reactive at all stages of manufacturing and importantly being responsible for everything we do.

Most of what we create is based around CNC machining which allows us to design components in 3D design software and then robotic-manufacture them to a degree of accuracy and detail unachievable by hand, as efficiently as possible, and repeatedly with every iteration being as identical as the material allows. With this equipment we can cut parts, engrave designs, patterns and text, mill 3D shapes and joints, drill holes and mark assembly details.

We also have laser cutting facilities which allow us to cut or engrave any design into all sorts of materials. This opens up a world of possibilities for the application of graphic designs to physical objects, as well as cutting smaller components for signs, lighting designs or smaller mechanical projects.

We have selected equipment with very large machining beds to avoid limitations - there are very few materials which come in formats larger than we can fit on our machines!

While this equipment exists to allow us to realize our own designs and ideas, we also offer machining services to other designers and manufacturers regardless of their CNC abilities or knowledge. We can do as much or as little of the design and preparation as required if CNC or laser are the correct methods for your project.